Visual Arts 2019

Cusco – Peru

To the Artists of the World

Receive an affectionate greeting on behalf of the ADAAE (Association of Plastic Artists of America and Europe).

Entity that has been organizing the IX INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION EUROAMERICANA Cusco – Peru 2019.

Who invites you to this MEGA CULTURAL EVENT that aims to bring together the great talents of Visual Arts of America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Date of Exhibition:

October 09-15, 2019

Cusco Municipality

Museum of Contemporary Art of the Municipality of Cusco

Theme: “United by PEACE we are all”

It promises a meeting of union and fraternity between national and international artists, giving itself the opportunity to carry out a cultural exchange and strengthening important bonds of friendship.

The purpose is to contribute to the construction of a CULTURE OF PEACE, EQUITY, RESPECT AND AFFECT, that helps us to rediscover the human essence that is the capacity for understanding and tolerance, as conditions that allow us to rescue for future generations and for ourselves, a healthier and happier world.

Panoramica of the VII EUROAMERICANA

Penultimate International Exhibition organized by the ADAAE – EUROAMERICANA Visual Arts Cusco – Peru.

Cusco Municipality Authorities and Artists representing countries from America, Europe and Asia, singing the sacred notes of the National Anthem of Peru.

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